Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Positions

  • Cashier
  • Sorting and Testing
  • Pricing
  • Store Organization and Presence on Floor
  • Cleaning
  • Book Organization
  • Inventory Rotation and Organization of Storage Area
  • Accepting Donations and Pre-sorting
  • Technology and Social Media
  • Special Considerations

Volunteer Position Descriptions

After orientation and training, Volunteers will begin to work in various positions, based on their interest, throughout the store under the guidance of the Store Manager and Team Leader.  New Volunteers will work with and “shadow” experienced volunteers, and/or the team leader, to assure confidence and understanding of each position.   Specific procedures and policies for each position are identified in the Training manual and covered in volunteer training.  Not all positions are exclusive and indeed volunteers may be called upon to perform a variety of tasks as appropriate and needed.  Since store donations are unpredictable, every day is a “new day”; That’s part of the fun!  Volunteer positions include the following:

Cashier:  The Cashier position is one where a set schedule is imperative.  Cashiers are relied upon on to be consistently present at their assigned times and once multiple locations are in place, at their assigned location.  If unable to perform their duty at their scheduled time and place, cashiers are responsible to schedule a substitute cashier for their assigned time from the volunteer contact sheet.  If unable to locate or schedule a replacement, cashiers are to contact one of the store managers to inform them of the need for a “substitute” cashier.

Sorting and Testing:   Items are located in the back room for sorting, testing, hanging and quality inspection.  Actions to be taken in sorting are outlined in the training manual (i.e.: where to place or discard items not appropriate for sale or those items dedicated to proprietary specialty departments).  Generally, Items are inspected for quality and if necessary, dusted, cleaned and tested, before pricing and going to the floor.  Items of “increased” value, rare or collectible items, along with some Specialty department items (referenced below) will be set aside for Boutique Manager review or placed in specialty department holding areas.            

Pricing:  Depending on the item, pricing is done with pre printed price stickers, masking tape or the price gun.  Specific instruction will be covered in training.  Pricing guidelines are provided.

Store Organization and Presence on Floor:  Volunteers will assist customers, keep the dressing room cleared out and straighten/organize rack and shelf items.  Empty hangers will be collected and returned to the pricing area. Check to see that Items with “side located price tags” are facing the correct direction.     

Cleaning:  Volunteers are to clean items as appropriate or needed. Duties might include dusting, washing dishware, sweeping, bundle and carry discarded clothes to designated reciprocal areas and relocate off- season items to the storeroom.    

Book Organization:  Books are divided into two sections.  One area is for new arrivals where books are date coded.  The adjacent book area is where books are placed by category and author.   

Inventory Rotation and Organization in Upstairs Storage Area:

  • Rotation:  Volunteers need to help rotate and organize items currently stored upstairs.  These items include but are not limited to: off-season clothes, hunting gear, blankets, sports (U/T, A&M, etc.), 4th of July shirts, party dresses and formals, children’s Christmas and Easter outfits.  These items are brought down at the appropriate time for inventory rotation.  For example, hunting gear is usually put out in September, winter clothes in late August or after Labor Day, etc.
  • Organization:   Volunteers will help organize items that are stored upstairs.  Off-season clothes are boxed or hung (as appropriate) and labeled.  During training, volunteers working upstairs will be shown specifics of rotation and organization.     

Accepting Donations and Presorting:  Volunteers will assist donors at the receiving area and evaluate donations for items the store does not accept. Volunteers will issue a donation receipt upon request.  Accepted items will be roughly presorted for salability, disposal or recycling then delivered to the sorting and pricing area. Building materials, hardware, furniture and large appliances are priced at the receiving area and placed in the back area or front porch for sale.    

Technology and/or Social Media:  Volunteers will design, develop manage and/or administer an online presence for the store. The goal is to establish and maintain an online presence on social media sites (e.g. facebook), design, develop and administer a Website for the store and establish and/or manage a presence on eBay to market high value ticket items such as gold or collectable jewelry pieces, collectible or replacement china collections or pieces, vintage clothing, etc.

Volunteers familiar with Craigslist are needed to implement and coordinate with store managers a presence on craigslist to sell selected items on the site.

Special Considerations: There are some specialty items that are  exclusively assigned to  specific volunteers for pricing.  These specialty department responsibilities are limited to those personnel ONLY and will not be priced by daily volunteers.  Specialty areas include:


Crystal and fine china

Large appliances


Building and construction tools and materials

Holiday items

Guns and ammo

Boutique (or potential boutique) items: Volunteers evaluating donations will refer to the boutique manager any items that they think may be rare, unique, collectible, or costly beyond price guidelines.   

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